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Note .... If there is no audio on any of my video clips it is because Youtube have disabled the audio due to copyright issues. They are not consistent in this application of the copyright rules but it annoying. This is why I need musicians to help out by sending me their original music on audio CDs . I figure the musos get an extra audience for their music.

This is where you come to upload any of the Quicktime movie files I have available. These are all now stored on Youtube (see below). You will need a quicktime player to play these trailers. I use Macs exclusively to do all my computer work, hence the quicktime files.

These trailers are available here as a demo of what is available on my DVDs. The DVDs are of course shot in high definition and wide screen format. What you see here has been compressed for the web.

The images and DVDs are all valuable and will definitely become more valuable over time as an historical record of your time in the surf.

Spied yourself in the video footage? All video clips are available as individual quicktime files for $5 per clip (minimum purchase of 2 clips). A great way to build up a library of clips of yourself surfing over time. I am already making individual dvds for some of the regulars that run for nearly 30 mins. Obviously that amount of footage of an individual has been accumulated over a couple of years. All clips taken with a Sony high definition video camera in wide screen format. I generally include for free with any purchase, clips I know of that are taken on garbage waves etc. I only sell the better clips and images. The rest come free with any purchase. No point in having that stuff locked away forever.


I now upload all my new videos to VIMEO under my user name Clarrie Bouma. CLICK HERE to to go to all the new videos I have on Vimeo.

To access my older video clips please go to and do a search for "aussieclarrie" to get to the video clips.

All 59 of my older demo video clips are on youtube.

Click .... HERE;

You may wish to bookmark that link for future reference as I anticipate utilising youtube in the future. It has the added benefit of allowing me to provide the video clips at a higher resolution.

Remember, my youtube ID is "aussieclarrie" . If all else fails, go to youtube and search for aussieclarrie.



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