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SPECIAL NEW DEAL ...... 200+ images for only $90


.............PRICES IN A NUTSHELL................

One sequence on disk (ie. all the images from one wave)... $30. (The price per sequence drops significantly the more you buy). A second sequence costs $15. A third sequence and all subsequent sequences cost $10 each. The more you buy, the less each image costs. You get your images in both original RAW format and as full size jpg files.

Remember. I NEED an image number and date to find your images.

A DVD data disk with 200 + images .... $90. (most people end up with more than 200 as I don't include crappy sequences in the 200)

One video clip .... $10

A4 Print .... $30. (or $20 if you bought the digital file as well)

A3 Print ... $45. (or $35 if you bought the digital file as well.)

A2 Print ... $65. (or $55 if you bought the digital file as well.)

A1 Print ... $110 . (or $100 if you bought the digital file as well.)

For a "sequence" print, with one large image and smaller images along the bottom, add $10 to print prices.

More detailed information below.


The more images I sell, the lower the price I can sell each image for and still make it financially viable, considering the amount of time I spend doing this and the cost of maintaining the site and equipment. If I could sell every image I take then I would only have to charge a dollar or 2 per sequence.

Ideally I would like to see every surfer get every image I take of them. As I have mentioned many times, all the images I take of you will definitely become more valuable to you over time. As such, I am now selling a DVD data disk with around 200 images in their original RAW format and at full resolution. I am already doing this for over 180 people who I know and can easily identify. When I upload my images after a shoot. I just copy any images I see of them into their personal folder and when it reaches 4.2 GB (around 200 images) I burn the disk for them. After every shoot I generally email them an image from each squence I have found so they know what they are going to get. These images I email are roughly A4 size. That way they get a copy of the images at a higher resolution than that available on the site, soon after a surf, and know that the full resolution ones will be in their hands when their folder reached 4.2 GB. If you are interested in this option then please get in touch.

For people who I can't, at present, readily identify, just email me at least one image number from any sequences of yourself, as you find them on the site. It is best to do this as soon as possible after a shoot. I only keep the images on my desktop for a week or so. After that they get transferred to my back up library and it becomes more time consuming for me to hunt them up and reimport them. I am also more than happy to add photos to that DVD data disk from any previous shoots from any time over the last couple of years. All images shot this year are 19.5 MB files in RAW format. All images from 2007 and 2008 are in JPG format and are around 3 MB. That means I can get anything up to around 1,000 images from 2007 and 2008 onto one disk. What a great opportunity to get such a large number of images of yourself at a very reasonable price.

As mentioned, all the images from January 2009 onwards are now in RAW format. If you don't have software available to open these images I am also happy to convert them to JPG or TIF format for you. I can also provide software that will allow you to manipulate and convert the RAW files.

Obviously I am offering this as a way of increasing sales but I also want to get as many of my high resolution images as possible to the people in them. As time goes by I have collected an extremely large and ever growing historical record of surfing in our area. I feel it is a shame to have that high quality visual library just sitting on my hard disks. I much prefer for you to get them.

As always, I do maintain copyright over the material I take. When you buy my images, they are sold to you for personal use. If they end up being used commercially, by your sponsors or example, then seperate and different conditions apply. It is just like you buying a CD of music. Please email for clarification on this if this applies to you.

The individual sequence pricing, shown below, will of course still apply for people who only want the one or two sequences.

As always, thanks for supporting me and my site. The site is now quite well established as a place to come and look at and buy images of yourself and your mates surfing at the local breaks, based on the hit rates I am now getting. I genuinely value that support.




Images are available in numerous Digital formats (as RAW, TIF, or JPG files) or printed to various sizes. The common size prints are; A4 ( 29.7 cm X 21 cm ) and A3 ( 42 cm X 29.7 cm)

1. Digital format. Images from before Jan 2009 are available as jpeg files. Images from Jan 2009 onwards are available as .jpg files, TIFF files, or RAW files. Each older file is 3872 x 2592 points at 72 dpi. or, in laymans terms, 136.6 cm X 91.44 cm at 72 dpi. The files from 2009 onwards are 4272 X 2848 pixels or 18 Mb in RAW format.All Images from 2013 onwards are now 6,000 X 4,000 dpi at 72 dpi. In metric these files are 1500 mm by 1000 mm at 72 dpi. These files can be printed up to A1 or poster size. They can of course be resized to suit.

***If you buy one image in digital format, you receive all the other images in that sequence.***

Digital files can be either emailed or put onto CD and mailed or collected in person. My image files are now TOO BIG TO BE EMAILED.

2. Printed format. Images are also available as prints. I use an external printer. His prints are excellent. I like to think I am pretty experienced in ensuring that your image is tweaked and set up up to ensure the best quality print available undr the given light conditions. I can also create prints where the best image in a sequence fills the print and then the rest of the images in the sequence are added along the bottom or wherever you want.


In the Daily Images pages on this site I do NOT load all the images I take. I tend to select the best one or two images from a wave or sequence. I may take up to 20 or more images per wave depending on the wave and the performance of the surfer. If the lighting is good and the surfer is pulling off a series of good moves I may upload more images to the site. If the numbers of the images on either side of the image you are looking at on the Daily Images Page are not in sequence then it means there are more images available. The better the sequence, the more images I upload to this site.

On the question of lighting I should point out the following.

There is no doubt that early morning has the best surf. Unfortunately the lighting at that time of day on the east coast of Australia is very unsuitable for photography. Images taken facing east at that time tend to be very grainy. That is unavoidable. You can see this effect on sequences taken at Sandon Point in the early morning where the first images are taken facing the east and, as the surfer moves past me, later images in that sequence are shot facing north. The later shots have better lighting and are far less grainy. That effect is unavoidable in the morning on the east coast at Sandon Point.


Digital Format. One image file is priced at $30. With that file I include all the other files in that sequence for free. Just how many images are in a sequence varies dependant on the wave and the surfer. All subsequent sequences are $15 per sequence. This is for one surfer regardless of day or break. I generally throw in for free any images that do not meet my quality standards. This could be due to poor light, poor focussing, etc. For that reason I would strongly suggest you keep a record of ALL the numbers and dates of any image that you are interested in, even if they aren't that good. I prefer to have them get to the person in the image rather than get lost and forgotten forever in storage so to speak. You will appreciate every image in the future. You can NEVER have enough images of yourself surfing.

There is a $2 extra charge if the files are put on CD and mailed.

Printed Format. One A4 print costs $30. One A3 print costs $45. One A2 print costs $65. One A1 print costs $110. I charge an extra $10 per print if I print one main image with the other images in the sequence along the bottom or wherever you want. That payment covers the extra time it takes me to create this type of layout. Each of the print prices above drops by $10 if you buy the digital images on disk.

There will be a surcharge to cover postage costs if the prints need to be mailed. Collection is available and preferred from my place in Thirroul.

I would suggest I email the sequence over a number of days to avoid filling up your email inbox. You would need to empty your mail box every time it is near full. For those who don't know, that means logging in to you email account via the web (and not just via your email program of choice) and trashing and purging the emails in box. The default setting for most ISP's is that they keep emails on the server for either 7 or 10 days before trashing them. If you do not go in and trash them earlier, any large image files I email to you will eventually fill up your email in box and block any more emails coming in until space is made available.
Copyright Buying one or more of my images is the same as buying any audio CD or DVD that has copyright. I maintain the copyright ownership of all the data. You cannot onsell or reproduce or distribute it in any form. I would ask that you respect my copyright. I spend a lot of time and use expensive equipment to provide this service and have a limited market for my work. I can only continue to provide the service if it is financially viable.


DVDs I currently have 7 DVDs availabe. Details are available on the main home page. These are available for $10 each or $20 for the 7th dvd which is a 3 hour double dvd disk production,or all 7 (with 8 disks) for $65. That is around 10 hours of local surfing footage.  
Prices One DVD disk costs $10. It comes in a case with a printed cover. If required, there is a fee at cost to cover postage. The actual cost of postage depends on your location and what is being posted. It is easier for me if you can collect it from my place in Thirroul.  
Copyright Buying any of my DVDs is the same as buying any audio CD or DVD that has copyright. I maintain the copyright ownership of all the data. You cannot onsell or reproduce or distribute it in any form.  


Ordering and Payments
  Please email me with a list of what you want and collection or postage arrangements. I will calculate the total owed, including any postage, and email you with that total. I will include account details and an address for collection in that email.  
  Payment can be made in cash, cheque, by direct deposit or by Paypal. There is a surcharge to cover my costs if Paypal is used.  


The Mailing List

If you wish to be kept up to date about future DVDs and even when I have added more images to the site then send me an email and I will add you to the mailing list.

To be added to the mailing list click here


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