Clarrie. In the Annapurna Sanctuary Nepal 1987

The image below was taken in Nepal in 1987. We were at an altitude of 4000 meters inside a circle of mountains called the Annapurna Sanctuary. The low point in the ridge in the left background is the lowest point for 360 around me except for the narrow defile coming in from the right between the black cliffs you can see. Behind the camera is one of the 16 8000 meter mountains in the world called Annapurna. The pointy peak behind me is called Macchapuchare and has npot been climbed as it is of religious importance to the locals and has been taken off the approved climbing peaks in Nepal. I didn't have a real lot of weight on at this stage as we were at the end of a 5 week trek around the Annapurna range. It was incredibly hot as a result of the reflection of all the sunlight and heat off the mountains surrounding us in this cirque.

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