Clarrie. Surfing at Hikkadua in Sri Lanka. 1988

Iano and I went to Sri Lanks twice in 1987 and 1988. On each trip we spent 3 months on the south west coast to the south of the capital Columbo.

We came across Hikkadua by accident but ended up loving the location. The guest house we always stayed at was right on the beach at the jump off point.

All that section of the coast was wiped out during the boxing day Tsunami. The footage most of us saw of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, where the people were being

washed around the red buses, was shot in Galle which is 30 km south of Hikkadua, about midway between 2 great surfing spots, Hikkadua and Midigama.

The wave at Hikkadua is ideal because it is one of those real swell magnets and it works at all tides which is rare for coral reef waves.

On top of that, it is a peak with both a left and a right.

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