Julian Farmery


I genuinely appreciate the support I get from everyone who buys my images. Buying your images from me is the only way I can justify the considerable expense in time and equipment to take your images and video and maintain this site. As a sign of that appreciation I have created pages like this one for anyone who buys their images from me. Your support is what keeps me going.

Every surfer who buys their images from me will now have their own page on my website. This page will include a number of albums of images arranged in sessions. A session is a selection of images that have been purchased at one time. When you buy your next load of images I will upload more images to your web page. As you buy more images I will create more sessions. These images will be larger than the images I normally display on my site and not have a www.sandonpointphotos.com watermark across the middle of them.

Hint. Use the arrow in the top lefthand corner on any page in an album to navigate back to all the albums in that session and back to the home page. Use the link at the bottom of each page to go back to that surfer's page.

To learn how to easily navigate through my albums CLICK HERE.

Julian Farmery ... Session 1 ... Album with 43 Images .


Thanks for your support. Clarrie


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