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The links below will get you to my entire library of "Daily Images" pages from the last 6 months. They are sorted into months and years. Over time this library will be expanded with new sessions as well as older sessions that are in my image library. Just click on the Month you are interested in and you will go straight to that page where the images are sorted by date and location. All the images have an ID number which should be used for ordering. Until I work out how to have an automated system I would ask you to keep a record of the ID numbers you are interested in. These images are initially displayed as thumbnails but if you click on one it will open in a larger format.

I do not upload all the images in a sequence to save time and space. If you see an image you are interested in then check the image number. If the images either side have a number that is not in sequence then it means there are more images in that sequence that have not been uploaded to www.sandonpointphotos.com . I will have these missing images on file. I select the best images from a sequence to upload to this site.

You can flip through all the images in an album either manually, by hitting the left or right key or clicking in the right or left side of an image itself, or you can have it run through automatically by hitting the play button on the right at the top of the page. Clicking in the middle of an image will take you back to the album page where all the thumnail size images are. At the bottom of every page are 2 links. These take you back to either the daily image page for that month or the home page for the site. There is a "help" button on the top right of each photo album page as well if you want to learn more about the options of the application (eg. speeding up the automatic play function).

Images will only be available on the site for around 4 to 6 months.

I do store all my images permanently at home so as long as you have kept the image numbers and dates then they can be easily found even if they have been removed from the web site.

HINT. Drag a copies of all your images to your desktop by clicking and holding on the WHITE BORDER of any image. That keeps a copy of the image and the all important IMAGE NUMBER on your computer.

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