Daily Image Emails.


Daily Blog ... Monday 28th May 2018

The DAILY EMAIL service has unfortunately had to be abandoned. I have a number of email addresses I used to use but over time each one was identified as sending out spam.

Trying to get an email address removed from the "SPAMMER' list that Hotmail. Gmail, etc create is far more complex than my brain or internet skills can cope with.

The daily emails have been replaced with a DAILY BLOG which basically has the same stuff in it as the emails used to have but it is now hosted here on my website.

It will have a large image, surf report and a bried forecast.

Click on one of the blogs in yellow text just above this text.

Each Sunday the 5 blogs from the previous week will be removed and over the next 5 week days a new set will appear.

Below are samples of what was send out via email to the several hundred people who were on the mailing list under the old system.

The images that people received in emails did NOT have the watermark across the middle as shown here.

CLICK HERE to see all the 208 images I sent out in the second half of 2012.

Click Here to see all the images those on my daily image mailing received in 2013.

Click HERE to see all the images that those on my daily email mailing list received in 2014 - 2016.


CLICK ON THE IMAGE to see an album of over 500 images which people have received over the last 2 years. (Images in the album are smaller so they load quicker)


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