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Monday 24th September 2018.

Morning All

That southerly wind is starting to back off and it will continue that way over the day.

There was an interesting swell source way to the couth of Tassie over the weekend.

If we get lucky we might see a bit of long period swell over the next few days. Nothing gigantic but hopefully enough to generate some waves.

As many already know, I am off to France in a weeks time.I'll be away for 5 weeks.

I probably won't be active in this forum here on my website.

If you want to keep up with a steady stream of surf eye candy over the 5 weeks that I am away then best to check either my Instagram page or either of my 2 facebook pages.

Instagram is "Clarrie Bouma"

Facebook is either "" or "clarriebouma"

A move to an old couple of frames I took down at Perisher quite a while ago now during one of the Planet X Games for today's image.

Woodie was skiing for Kneissel back then.

I scanned 2 prints & combined them to create this digital version.


All Good Things


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