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Grab an invaluable historical record of the surfing going on in your local community.

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Please Please Please do NOT bootleg my DVDs. That is stealing from me and that hardly seems fair considering the time and effort I put in.

The 8 DVD's I currently have available are:

1. "Sandon Point .. June 2007" (running time 42 mins.)

2. "Sandon Point .. July 2007" (running time 51 mins.) .. ( see Sandon at its "Classic Best" )

3. "Summer 2007/2008 " (running time 61 mins.) .. (An hour of footage from Sandon, Headies, Peggies and Little Austi ). Filmed during one of the better summers for surf in recent years.

4. "April 2008 " (running time 58 mins.). Filmed mainly at Sandon but also Headies.

5. "May & June 2008 " (running time 75 mins.). Filmed at Sandon.

6. "June & August 2008 " (running time 93 mins.). Filmed at Sandon.

7. "August 2008 to June 2010" (running time 3 hours). Filmed at Sandon, Staney, Headies, Little Austi, Austi, Thirroul, Maccas, The Reef, Northside, Wonoona. This is a double disk DVD package.

8. "2011 Winter Season at The Point " (running time 91 mins.) Filmed exclusively at Sandon during June, July and August 2011. It was a very consistent season swellwise so I figured I would make a "one break" DVD.

9. "2011 on The Coalcoast" I have lots of other footage from many other local breaks that I will be putting together for a 2011 DVD. It will be ready soon.

All are in wide screen format and have been shot with a Sony High Definition video camera and edited by myself on Mac computers.

These DVD's come in a case with a printed cover and are $10 per DVD (except for the 7th dvd which is a double disk production

I am also offering all 8 DVDs for only $75.





These DVDs are like time capsules of the surfing that happens in our local area at different times. They have been much appreciated by those who already have them and will become a valuable nostalgic record of what was happening in our surfing community in future years. Where else will you get this type of record? The first 2 DVDs concentrated on Sandon Point but the next productions will include footage from other northern suburbs surfing breaks. It is difficult but I have to decide each day where I will shoot footage and stills. Sometimes it is obvious where I should go but some days, like Feb 6 & 7 this year, we had a nice easterly cyclone swell and offshore winds in the morning. Everywhere had waves.

I need to sell enough of each of my DVDs to get a return on my very considerable time input. The reality is, if my DVDs get bootlegged rather than people buying a copy from me, then I will not find it worth my while to make more of them in the future. I can only encourage people to do the right thing. If you want this type of record to be available into the future then encourage everyone to buy them from me at what is a very reasonable price for what they are. Like I said, if I don't sell enough, I will not be producing anymore in the future. The process is very time consuming.

As an aside. I cannot be everywhere shooting footage so if you have some good footage and think it would be appropriate to be added to future DVD's then please get in touch with me. Ther are a lot of people shooting video footage out there.

Jamie Wilcock

Tommie Wilcock

Kit Irving Dent

Will Clarke

Marley Cooke

Lennox Golding

Oscar Hargreaves

Kasey Hargreaves

Lachlan Mckinley

Fin McLaren

Darcy De Clouett

Summer Cahill

Josh Pepper .

Anna Chamberlain




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