Welcome to www.sandonpointphotos.com This site has been set up as a place where anyone can view and purchase high quality images and high definition video footage of themselves or other surfers doing their thing. The images are taken primarily at Sandon Point but also at any of the other numerous high quality surfing breaks in the northern suburbs of the Illawarra. All the photos & video footage have been taken by myself, Clarrie Bouma. I also designed and maintain the site.

Photos are taken with either a Sony A77 or one of my 2 Sony A700 digital slr cameras that captures images that can be effectively printed up to A1 poster size prints. Each individual file is now shot in RAW format. (All shots taken before 2009 are 3 MB jpeg files that are approximately 136 cm X 92 cm in size at 72 dpi. When opened in Photoshop these file are 30 MB in size). All images from Jan 2009 onwards are 19.5 Mb RAW files. My new Sony A77 camera bought in Feb 2012 has a 25 Mb sensor which produces even larger image files. The RAW originals are now 25 Mb and convert to 75 Mb TIF files. When converted to jpg these files are now 15 Mb. Even these new jpg files are now too large to be emailed to and from standard email address as many servers have a 10 Mb file size limit.

I use a range of lenses. These include a Minolta HS "G" Series 600 mm F4, Sony HS "G": series 300 mm F 2.8, a Minolta HS "G:" series 80 - 200 mm F 2.8, a Minolta 50 mm F 1.7, a Minolta 28 mm F 2.8, A Carl Zeiss 16 -80 mm F 4, a Tamron 10 to 20mm F 3.5 lens along with a Minolta "G" series 1.4 X convertor and a Minolta "G" series 2 X convertor.

In the end it all comes down to this. EVERY surfer I have ever known would love to have at least one, but preferably as many as possible, high quality shots of themselves surfing a great wave so they can hang it up on their wall to impress everyone who visits. At www.sandonpointphotos.com you can hunt down those shots of yourself, or your mates, and order them online. Once paid for they can be delivered via email or dropped onto a disk and mailed or even purchased as prints of any size or on canvas and now even on glass. Invariably any image you see on www.sandonpointphotos.com is part of a sequence of shots. Depending on the wave and what the surfer does on it, these sequences can contain up to 20 plus images. My Sony A77 shoots at 12 frames per second. As such, full sequences are also available.

Images presented on the Daily Images Page have an ID number and the date they were taken. That ID number is critical when you are ordering photos. (Since getting into surfing photography I have become amazed at the proportion of surfers who wear the standard black wetsuit and surf on a non descript clear surfboard with only the manufacturer's logo on it ). That makes it very difficult to identify individuals. If you see an image on the home page that does not have the surfer's name on it and you can identify him or her then let me know and I will update it on the site. Sometimes I will have a great shot of someone shacked and virtually hidden from view. In these instances, I would include a second shot from the sequence so the surfer can identify himself/herself.

Got a friend who is having a birthday and don't know what to get him/her? No problems. Hunt up an image of them on sandonpointphotos.com and order a print and you have an instant present that will be genuinely appreciated.

Generally I aim to have the images I shoot on any one day up on the site by the next day but sometimes it will take a bit longer depending on what is happening in my world. (I do have a family and I also work as a solo musician on the club circuit.). On a good day with good surf and suitable light I generally shoot anything up to 2,000 or more images as well as shooting high definition footage.

I have a library of over 500,000 images from June 2007 onwards that are available. These include shots of the epic waves we enjoyed in June and July 2007. Click here to see a collection of great images from June 2007 onwards.

Also available from time to time are DVDs. This footage is shot with my Sony High Definition HDR FX1000 video camera or with my Sony A77 DSLR and when there is enough of it, I compile it into a 40 to 90 minute DVD. Currently I have 8 DVDs available. More will be added over time. If you still haven't got a copy of what is an extremely desirable record of the classic surf from the last few years then order one of each. You will not be disappointed. You get to see Sandon and other local breaks at their best.

If you have items you think are suitable for this site then feel free to drop me a line. This could be photos, reports, notices etc. I want this site to be a great local site for surfers in the northern Illawarra.

As always, not every image in a sequence (or wave) is here as there is no point in loading up images shot at up to 12 frames per second. There would just be too many. I select the best ones in a sequence for uploading to this site. Just check the numbers on any image in a sequence and if there are gaps in the numbers then there are more images in that sequence in my image library. These extra images do of course come as part of the "all the images in a sequence" deal.

I understand that there are thousands of images to go through and it will take you some time. I suggest you keep a record of which dates you have looked at and also which images you are interested in. It really helps me if you know the image numbers you are after and ideally the date they were shot, when you order images from me. That makes it very easy and quick for me to load those up and drop them onto disk for you. The best advice I can give is if you see me shooting then check the site the next day. It is also possible to drag the images off my site to your desktop. Just grab onto the white border, click and drag (on a Mac) or right click and drag (on Windows). I use Macs exclusively. I have never had a Windows computer.

If you have images you have taken and want somewhere to display them and even offer them for sale then please get in touch for details.

Also if you are in an organisation or club (eg. a boardriders club) and want somewhere to display announcemts then pass that info on to me and I will be happy to display it on this site.

Legal Notice .. I accept no responsibility if you are fired from your job because your Boss caught you wasting hours of company time cruising through the images on www.sandonpointphotos.com

I am also not responsible if you get busted at school using the school computers to cruise the site.

Finally, pass on the name of the site to your friends and check in when you can. Generally the only time little changes on the site is during an extended lull in surf.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the images etc.


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